Having recently left the classroom (after 37 years!), Pam Oken-Wright is now planning to do more of the consulting and speaking that she always wished she had time to do. Check out her website, pokenwright.com, that also includes The Voices Of Children blog. 

This page lists community provided professional development opportunities as a courtesy.  No endorsement by the Vancouver Reggio Consortium is to be assumed or implied.

Using Learning Stories for Reflection and Assessment

Facilitated by Wendy Lee

Hilltop Children's Centre

Seattle, Washington
Saturday, May 13th – 8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. Registration $150.00 – 6 STARS HRS Included 

Download flyer below for details

Conceptual Artist Ana Vojnovic offers workshops for both adults and children. See more at her website Concept Fioka here.

SPARK Early Years conference at UBC.  Keynote by Professor Peter Moss!

Vancouver Reggio Consortium Society

Hilltop Children's Centre, an award winning, Reggio-inspired programme in Seattle, Washington that is featured in many training videos and books, is offering a series of fabulous professional development opportunities.  Click here for more information: Hilltop Professional Development Institute.